The Elite Bracket/Corbel *****Call for other sizes....... In Stock Now!!!
Price:$135 $98

The Elite Masterpiece (Size 10"X12" Projects out 10" and is 1"1/2 Wide). Supports up to 225 lbs. each. All Steel & Heavy Duty!
The Curin Bracket/Corbel.....Call for other sizes......... In Stock Now!!!
Price:$120 $88

The Beautiful Curin Handcrafted (Size 9"X9" & 1"1/4 Wide) Supports up to 215 lbs. each. All Steel & Heavy Duty!
The Classic Bracket/Corbel SALE!!! Call for other sizes..... In Stock Now!!!
Price:$99 $78

Our First Handcrafted (Size 10"X10" & 1" Wide) Supports up to 175 lbs. each. All Steel & Heavy Duty! HOT ITEM!!!
FREE SHIPPING with a purchase of two or more iron brackets. Free shipping only applies to American addresses.

Oliver’s Ornamental Iron
PO Box 2911 Madison,
MS 39130-2911.
(601) 316-5917.

Oliver’s Ornamental Iron is a second generation company specializing in creative ornamental iron designs. Our company was originally established in 1967 servicing the Central and North Mississippi areas. We have been successful in providing services that includes custom railings, banisters, balconies, gates, awnings, brackets, trellises and fence as well as other products to both the commercial and residential industry. We will work with you, the builder or industry professionals to create a design that you desire for your home or business.

As an extension of our company we are now offering artistic bracket hardware that can be purchased and shipped in our online store. These all steel handcrafted brackets/corbels, known as the “Elite”, “Curin” and “Classic” bracket can be used to support all types of granite and none granite surface overhangs adding Décor flare and functionality. These handcrafted specialty brackets are truly gems designed and crafted for the discerning.

Enjoy touring our photo gallery and online store, and thank you for your business!